General FAQs

Yes, we’re happy to help as much and as best as we can within reason, but we ask you to do so via one of our Contact forms.  However, please understand we cannot spend hours consulting you on your pedals, mods, rig rundown and choices in tone.  There are some great online forums and resources that are free and easily accessible where you can find opinions and answers to almost anything related to guitar pedals, guitars, amps, rigs and tone. That being said, we’re happy to answer your general questions if you use our Contact Form, which can be found in our navigation bar under “Contact.” Thanks!

All of our pedals use a standard 9V DC adapter, center negative, unless specified on the individual pedal’s product page. We recommend any high-quality supply that utilizes isolated power.  This would include the Voodoo Lab PP2+ or the IS0-5 and several other brands/models. ONLY purchase and use power supplies made specifically for guitar pedals.  Choosing a high quality power supply is frequently overlooked when purchasing pedals and building a pedal board, but it can be one of the most important factors in operating your pedal board to its fullest potential and creating great tone.  We also discourage using “daisy-chained” power.  We encourage you to take a look at our Tech Article Pedal Power for an explanation of why choosing high quality power is so important.  For further reading on the topic, we recommend an article published by Premier Guitar magazine in December 2011 called Powering Your Board.  None of our pedals include 9v battery connectors. 

Milliamp (mA) current draws can be found at the bottom of the page for each respective pedal.

We are a small business and do not pay artists/musicians to use our products.  We do have an official Artist endorsement/sponsorship program that offers meek discounts on our pedals.  If you’d like to apply for an official JHS endorsement/sponsorship, please fill out the Artist Inquiry contact form.

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting pedals for mods or repairs for mods. We suggest reaching out to a mod company like Loophole Pedals, Alchemy Audio, Monte Allums instead.

Please use the General Inquiry to get in touch with us about general inquiries, repairs or any question about a pedal or mod.

We do not offer this service.

We do not do any amp work at this time.

We do not have a showroom, storefront and our production facility is closed to the public.  We do not offer tours or special visits. We do not have the support staff to schedule and conduct tours.

We do not sell products at our production facility.  Our local pick-up is open from 4:00-5:00pm CST Monday through Friday unless its a government holiday.  If you want to drop off a pedal to be repaired, please refer to our Local Pick-Up times above.

Warranty & Repair

Hey, stuff breaks occasionally and we’re here to help. If you need your pedal repaired, check out our Repairs contact page and get in touch with us about what the problem may or may not be.

Many problems can be resolved with some troubleshooting, because in many scenarios the pedal itself may not even be broken. We’ll help you figure out whether or not it should be sent to us for a diagnosis and/or repair.  

Unfortunately, we no longer repair non-JHS pedals. If you have a non-JHS repair we suggest reaching out to Tone i/o.

As of September 2020, we provide a 4 year (6 months for 3 Series pedals), non-transferable warranty within the USA for ANY problem related to the function or operation of that pedal due to faulty parts and/or other internal problem. To receive your warranty you must register through our registration portal found below. Outside of the USA, various International distributor warranty policies may supersede our original manufacturer’s warranty.

In the USA, we can provide shipping labels for products that are less than 30 days old. Otherwise, the customer will be responsible for any costs associated with shipping repairs to JHS. For pedals that have been registered and are under warranty, we will cover the cost of shipping the product back to the customer. For non-warrantied pedals, all shipping charges will be covered by the customer (Return shipping is included in quotes given for non-warranty repairs). All international repairs, warranty or non-warranty, will have an automatic $25 return shipping fee. We do not cover things such as broken knobs, pots and jacks due to abuse, however, we will repair issues like these or other non-warranty issues at a very reasonable price. Several of our pedals have internal trim pots which are set for the function of the circuit, and it should be noted that tampering with the trim pots will void the warranty.


Returns & Refunds

Unless explicitly stated in the product description, yes, we will accept full or partial order returns. All returns must be requested within 14 days of receiving your items. Returns requested after 14 days will be refused.

Items must be returned in like new condition with original packaging contents. If items are not in like-new condition with original packaging contents, a 25% restocking fee may be applied.

Refunds will be issued against the original form of payment and may take 3-5 business days to be processed upon receiving the item(s).

JHS Pedals does not control how quickly your financial institution posts refunds.

No, the customer will be responsible for return shipping and assumes all liability for lost or damaged shipments.

We suggest using an insured and traceable shipment method, with delivery confirmation and signature required.

Shipping & Delivery

Orders may ship in as little as 1-3 days, however in some cases may take 1-2 weeks if an item is not readily available.

During peak traffic seasons such as Memorial Day or Black Friday, some orders may take longer to be filled.

USA Domestic shipping can take up to 5 business days.

International shipping could take up to 14 business days.

Due to global supply chain challenges, shipping times could be longer than usual.

Yes, we ship our products internationally with some exceptions to certain countries where we have seen consistent patterns of lost shipments and/or fraud. For those regions, we suggest finding JHS Pedals products at a local/national retailer.

All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer. JHS Pedals will not pay the cost of duties and taxes for your nation.

If duties and taxes are refused and the package is returned to JHS Pedals, we will issue a refund less the fees associated with the returned shipment.

Payments & Safety

All direct payment gateways adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Yes, we accept online payments. All payment processing and vital customer information is quick, easy, and secure.

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We accept payments from major credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.