Sometime in early 2007, Josh fixes his BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver by replacing a footswitch that isn't activating properly. Because of this, he becomes super interested in how pedals work and in their circuitry.

Around April 2007, Josh begins to modify his friends' pedals and decides to start selling modified BOSS pedals under the name JHS Mods. These pedals are sold at his friend's local guitar shop, Fondren Guitar, in the Fondren area of Jackson, MS. The first modified pedals ever sold are the Lexi Drive (modified DS-1) and Blu Drive (modified Blues Driver). These early units have a simple black label with a green JHS Mods logo and are all modified in a small upstairs attic room on a folding card table.


Josh begins learning to build his favorite pedals from scratch, leading to original JHS pedal ideas and designs. The earliest JHS releases include the Pulp 'N' Peel, the All American and the Morning Glory. The Morning Glory is created by reinventing his favorite Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal.

Sometime in mid-2008, the name JHS Mods is replaced by JHS Pedals to reflect the more diverse product line that now includes modifications and custom pedals.

Josh builds a DIY website, causing more online growth and providing a wider reach than his local customer base, which is also growing.

Every pedal from 2008 is still being built in Josh's spare room on a folding card table.


In the summer of 2009, Josh relocates from Jackson, MS, to Tupelo, MS. He repurposes his brother-in-law's small backyard tool shed, transforming it into a functional work area. Almost immediately, he installs a window AC unit to combat the scorching 100+ degree Mississippi summer days. It is in this shed that the Double Barrel, Sweet Tea and numerous other designs take their initial form.

This becomes the focal point of Josh's first press interest when a newspaper article showcases the shop's distinctive pink walls, which are actually insulation sheets Josh and his dad used to retain cold air. Consequently, the shop earns the moniker "The Pink Palace" among friends and local guitarists who frequent the space.

During this period, Josh also introduces his original designs to the public by selling them at Mainstreet Music, a guitar shop in Tupelo. Furthermore, Josh collaborates with Drew Shirley of Switchfoot to launch the BunRunner fuzz pedal. This collaboration propels the company into a faster trajectory of growth and notoriety, attracting the support of many major artists.

In the fall of 2009, the JHS shop makes another move, this time to Josh's father-in-law's backyard workshop in Ecru, MS. It is from this location that the Mini Foot Fuzz, Pollinator and various other designs are first crafted and sold.

December 2009

In December of 2009, Josh relocates to Kansas City, MO, driven by the escalating demand for his products. Recognizing the need for assistance, he brings in Nick Loux, the original JHS employee, and his lifelong friend Khaleed to join him in the endeavor of building guitar pedals.

The unfinished basement of their new Kansas City home undergoes a transformation into a fully equipped JHS shop, where up to six employees work side by side to craft pedals. As demands continue to grow, Josh and the team eventually make the transition to JHS’s first official commercial location, situated off Main Street in Grandview, MO.


The Grassroots Dealer Campaign is initiated in the summer of 2011, marking JHS's proactive efforts to establish B2B dealer relationships. In a remarkable span of approximately thirty days, JHS experiences substantial growth, expanding from 5 to 50 retailers.


Josh Scott embarks on a collaboration with the Chicago Music Exchange to create his own guitar pedal demos. This collaboration marks one of the pioneering instances of a pedal manufacturer partnering with a retailer to produce demo video series within the industry.


JHS introduces a teaser video for the Moonshine Overdrive, marking the inception of the JHS Teaser Video Series and initiating a trend within the industry for this form of marketing.

In September 2013, JHS Pedals is selected for Premier Guitar magazine's Pedal Builder Profile, representing the most significant press coverage for JHS up to that point.


JHS makes its debut at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, marking a significant milestone for the company. At the show, they unveil the Colour Box V1, a pedal that represents a groundbreaking innovation and a departure from the conventional pedal norms.


Josh and Robert Keeley collaborate on a pedal and release the Steak and Eggs Overdrive/Compressor, marking an industry first for two competing boutique pedal companies to collaborate on a major scale.

The Muffuletta teaser video is recorded during a brief 2.5-hour trip to New Orleans, and the product is released on September 15, 2015. The Muffuletta format represents a first for JHS, establishing a multi-pedal format with perfect analog replication of vintage/rare pedals instead of digital emulation.

In November 2015, JHS partners with Andy Timmons on the AT "@” Artist Pedal, which is subsequently released.


JHS makes a groundbreaking announcement by introducing possibly the two most requested nonexistent guitar pedals of all time, namely the Bulb and the See Saw. Witnessing it is a must to truly believe it!

Additionally, JHS ventures into the realm of pro audio with the debut of the JHS 500 Series.


Josh and Nick Loux embark on a collaborative journey, creating multiple video series, including “Combos,” “That Sounds Neat” and “Hot Trax,” which serve as early precursors to The JHS Show. Some of the most intriguing and enjoyable content arises from experimenting with and promoting other pedal companies' pedals instead of their own JHS gear.

Simultaneously, Josh delves into teaching guitar history at public events, leading him to realize that he might derive more enjoyment from this than making pedals. The jury's still out on this intriguing revelation.

On September 8th, the BOSS JB-2 Angry Driver is released, a pedal resulting from a collaboration between JHS and Boss to celebrate Boss's 40th anniversary. This is a significant honor for JHS Pedals.


Following the same format as the Muffuletta, the Bonsai makes its debut at the January 2018 NAMM Show and promptly becomes the most successful JHS release up to that point.

On May 31st, Josh and Nick release the first episode of The JHS Show, marking the beginning of a new venture for JHS in the realm of content creation.

2020 + COVID

In a collaboration with Paul Gilbert, JHS introduces the PG-14 Paul Gilbert Artist Signature Pedal at the January 2020 NAMM Show.

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic emerges, prompting JHS to swiftly adapt to the "new normal" by implementing safety measures for builders to socially distance in the shop and encouraging as many employees as possible to work from home.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, on May 15th, 2020, JHS releases the Legends of Fuzz pedal series.

On October 2nd, 2020, JHS launches the 3 Series of pedals, further expanding their product lineup.