Before submitting a request for a repair or questions about a broken or non-working pedal, please follow the DIY troubleshooting steps below.  Following the steps below is a quick and effective process that we have developed over years of emails involving repairs and alleged malfunctions.  These steps will help you first determine whether the problem is the pedal itself or a possible external issue.   Following these steps can save you time, money, and most of all, your sanity 


Make sure your pedal has power. All of our pedals run off of 9v DC power. Guitar Input is always on the right and output is always on the left.



If you consider your pedal to be abnormally noisy, make sure your power supply is isolated.  (This is key! Refer to the article titled “Powering Your Pedals" for more information.  The symptoms of using a low-quality and/or non-isolated power supply can include but are not limited to: switch pop, hissing, white noise or other abnormal noises.  In addition, “dirty power” could also affect your pedal’s performance.  For more info on the importance of clean power you can also refer to this article published in December 2011 by Premier Guitar magazine titled Powering Your Board.  Lastly, other issues that may produce noise in pedals are single coils in the “in phase” positions, standing too close to your amp or having too many Boss DS-1’s on your board.



If your pedal seems to be cutting volume when engaged, check to make sure all cables are plugged in, are making good connection and are not faulty.  A continuity tester will tell you if you are getting a connection but will not tell you how much of your signal is making it all the way through. Solder-less cables are known for this issue.  Make sure all cables are functioning properly and have strong connections.



If your pedal is not powering up, this is a problem. Make sure you have not plugged in the wrong power supply to your pedal.  Power supplies that do not work well with our pedals include, but are not limited to: Line 6 power supplies, AC power supplies, 1-Spot power supplies or 18v supplies.



The final step is to isolate your pedal on its own with a single cable coming from your guitar to the input and a single cable coming from the pedal’s output into your amp. Note that these cables need to be working and your power should be isolated. If your pedal begins working when you have it isolated from the rest of your gear, the issue is likely with another piece of equipment.  If the pedal is not functioning when it is isolated in the manner suggested above, then it’s time to fill out our Repair Inquiry form.


Frequently asked questions

As of September 2020, we provide a 4 year (6 months for 3 Series pedals), non-transferable warranty within the USA for ANY problem related to the function or operation of that pedal due to faulty parts and/or other internal problem. To receive your warranty you must register through our registration portal found below. Outside of the USA, various International distributor warranty policies may supersede our original manufacturer’s warranty. In the USA, we can provide shipping labels for products that are less than 30 days old. Otherwise, the customer will be responsible for any costs associated with shipping repairs to JHS. For pedals that have been registered and are under warranty, we will cover the cost of shipping the product back to the customer. For non-warrantied pedals, all shipping charges will be covered by the customer (Return shipping is included in quotes given for non-warranty repairs). All international repairs, warranty or non-warranty, will have an automatic $25 return shipping fee. We do not cover things such as broken knobs, pots and jacks due to abuse, however, we will repair issues like these or other non-warranty issues at a very reasonable price. Several of our pedals have internal trim pots which are set for the function of the circuit, and it should be noted that tampering with the trim pots will void the warranty.


Every JHS Pedal is backed by a 4 year non-transferable warranty. Registration and proof of purchase is required for Manufacturer’s Warranty coverage. To register your product, please fill out the form below:



Every JHS 3 Series Pedal is backed by a 6 month non-transferable warranty. Registration and proof of purchase is required for Manufacturer’s Warranty coverage. To register your product, please fill out the form below:


Unless explicitly stated in the product description, yes, we will accept full or partial order returns. All returns must be requested within 14 days of receiving your items. Returns requested after 14 days will be refused. 

Items must be returned in like new condition with original packaging contents. If items are not in like-new condition with original packaging contents, a 25% restocking fee may be applied. 

Refunds will be issued against the original form of payment and may take 3-5 business days to be processed upon receiving the item(s). 

JHS Pedals does not control how quickly your financial institution posts refunds.